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Cost of sodium reduction in industry

Advantage to Ksalt

Salt is a cheap ingredient, its substitution by low-sodium products represents a cost which must be controlled and compatible with the economic constraints of industries.

Nutrionix was born from the industry and has always placed cost and return on investment at the heart of its R&D approach to offer products adapted to the business model of the food industries.

Ksalt was designed in this spirit of technological performance and competitive cost and mastered for industrial use.

Ksalt is the product with the best ratio - quality and cost of application for the lowest effective sodium reduction on the market.

Cost per kilo of sodium removed

Advantage to Ksalt

At Nutrionix we economically evaluate our sodium reduction solutions based on their actual cost of application.


It is this cost which corresponds to the reality of our customers in the real conditions of industrial usage and it is calculated in monetary unit (USD, Euros ..) per kilo of sodium withdrawn in a given recipe. This cost includes the cost of the main ingredient and other additives that may be used in addition for certain solutions.


On this basis, the cost of sodium reduction solutions beyond 15% salt removal can vary in ratios from 1 to 10.


Ksalt is ranked the cheapest in its category.

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Cout de la réduction sodium: Nos produits

Development costs

Advantage to Ksalt

Sodium reduction is complex and multi-factorial. Above a certain reduction threshold, it requires specific skills, know-how and technologies.


The internal development of sodium reduction solutions and recipies  is therefore long, expensive and often uncertain for industries. These projects also divert precious R&D resources from the activities and products of the company's core business.


With Ksalt and the collaboration of Nutrionix, the sodium reduction in your products is immediate with deadlines and implementation costs reduced to a minimum.

Are you interested in evaluating and optimizing the costs of sodium reduction in your products?

Cout de la réduction sodium: Nos produits
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