The ideal salt!

A line of salt reduces 50% in sodium.

  • No bitter aftertaste, 100% flavor

  • Inspired by nature, 100% mineral

  • Virtues and nutritional properties of minerals, 100% healthy.


Tasty cuisine for the pleasure and the health of the whole family.


Available in practical, elegant and bio-degradable packaging - Refill 750g, standard 500g, salt shaker 100g and sachets 1g.


Health and diet

Cooking and table salts reduced 50% enriched with minerals and natural ingredients with active health properties.


Table salts reduced 80% and 100% sodium, intended for strict low sodium diets. These highly reduced sodium salts have a very improved sensory profile, they enhance the flavor of dietary meals and stimulate appetite. To use under medical guidance or nutricionists.

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Viva KUB
Gourmet salt tablet

A line of salted tablets reduced in sodium and flavored for cooking in water and steam.


For a well-being, easy and trendy cuisine, with traditional and world's flavors.