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Multi-ion mineral replacement technology

Traditional sodium reduction technologies are very limited. Beyond 10 or 15% sodium reduction, the taste is altered, the physico-chemical characteristics of the product are lost, the nutritional quality of the product degrades and the costs soar.


To go beyond and achieve the high sodium reductions that food professionals are looking for today, Nutrionix has developed an innovative, high-performance mineral salt ion replacement technology.

How it works

100% mineral, inspired by nature

Nutrionix reduced sodium salts are mixtures of high purity food minerals selected for their nutritional qualities.


Nutrionix minerals, which replace salt, combine their natural ionic, organoleptic and functional properties to form an ingredient strongly reduced in sodium, salty, balanced and healthy which can replace salt in all food products.


Nutrionix reduced sodium salts are similar to traditional sea salt, same mineral nature, same ionic characteristics, same flavor, same functional properties.



Up to 80% sodium reduction

Nutrionix low sodium salts turn possible,  simple and  low cost the very high sodium reduction, up to minus 80%.


The taste is controlled by the ionic and sensory balance between the minerals which bring the salty flavor and mask the unwanted aftertaste.


The technological functions of the salt (preservation, acidity, texture, etc.) are preserved by the physicochemical properties of the mineral components very similar to those of the NaCl salt.






Tasty, Effective, Simple, Healthy

and economical

Nutrionix products perfectly meet all the requirements of the food industries and nutrition professionals:


  • Tasty and salty, with no bitter aftertaste

  • Healthy and nutritionally enriched

  • Clean Label

  • Effective, works for all sodium reduction levels

  • Simple and universal application

  • Functional

  • Economical

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La substitution multi-minérale: Services
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