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Case studies

Industries & sodium reduction

Calabrian sausage

Customer Brazil



- less 18% sodium

- salt content according to legislation

- Shelf life unchanged

- Sodium nitrites compatible

- Preserved texture



Ksalt E1 / 50

Approval up to minus 35% sodium

Unchanged recipe and process

Local regulation approval

Launch of a Terroir & Santé line


Cooked ham already reduced in sodium

Customer Belgium



- Maintain the current sodium reduction with a clean label new ingredient

- Simplify the list of labeling ingredients

- Preserve the Aw, the weigth loss of the product and its shellf life



- Approved sensorial

- Improved traceability and texture

- Labeling "mixtures of minerals" in accordance with EU regulatory  standard.

- Cost of the new sodium reduction Ksalt solution  minus 35%!



Snack - Nutrition & health line

Customer Brazil



- Consistency of the product with its health positioning

- Sodium reduction minus 35%

- Preserve the palatibility of the product

- Clean label



Ksalt SN1 / 50

Differentiated sensorial on the market

Use extended to all customer snack lines

Sales volumes + 50% in 2 years in the nature & wellness food retail segment


Reduced sodium soya sauce

Customer Brazil



Enhance the salty flavor of a "light" soy sauce.

Restore the consumers' usual product experience.



Ksalt Flavor +

Applied directly at the end of the manufacturing process with a concentration of only 1%.


The sensory profile has considerably improved,  with a stronger salty  flavor, both in the attack note and in the persistence note.


Smoked salmon




25% sodium reduction in salting



Custom ksalt

Given the specificity of the project, the Nutrionix team jointly developed with the client a tailor-made Ksalt formulation adapted to the specific technical and sensory constraints of dry curing.

The sodium reduced smoked salmon line has been successfully launched, and bring a new positive marketing image to the brand

We are proud of these results obtained in partnership with our customers. Collaborations that have led to commercial launches and new market opportunities for our customers.


Broth cube

Salt content 50%

Customer Brazil



- less 20% sodium

- No change in process

- Controlled particle size and abrasiveness

- Cost specifications for mass market products



Ksalt C1 / 50

approval up to -30% sodium

Melted cheese

Customer France



- less 12% sodium

-Compatibility with sodium iron salt

- Preservation of texture and fondant



Ksalt Q1 / 50

Approval up to at least 25% sodium



& diet bread 

UK customer


- less 50% sodium

- Clean Label

- Sensory and texture preserved



Ksalt P1 / 50 + Ksalt flavor Plus

Unchanged sensory

Improved texture

Approved specifications -

hospital catering



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