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Ksalt: Bienvenue
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Ksalt® innovates and simplifies sodium reduction for industries

Sodium reduction beyond a certain threshold becomes complex. Salt is at the heart of the taste and identity of food and its elimination, even partial, quickly affects the flavor, process and manufacturing costs.


For the food industries, Nutrionix has developed K-Salt® solutions which make it possible to quickly and easily obtain the desired high sodium reduction rates and under the technical and economic conditions adapted to the requirements of manufacturers.


Ksalt is based on Nutrionix's multi-ion salt replacement technology . It is composed of several minerals with ionic, organoleptic and functional properties optimized for processes and food products.

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The Ksalt® line

Given the specific features of each food product in terms of sensory profile and the technical functions required in the various manufacturing processes, there is a Ksalt® reference reduced in sodium 50% for each product category:



Tested and approved in all product categories, Ksalt® successfully participates in sodium reduction projects in industries and in the launch of new tasty and healthy products which are market winners.


Ksalt simplifies sodium reduction and reduces its cost for the food industry.


>> For very high sodium reductions, up to 80%, Nutrionix offers its superior performance line, Ksalt Max and Ksalt Saveur Plus .


>> Finally, for specific products or specific requirements, Nutrionix develops custom made KSalt® formulations in collaboration with industrial customers.

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Ksalt: Services

Sodium in our diet comes of course mainly from salt, 3/4 of this salt comes from the “hidden salt” in processed food products. Today it is an element that manufacturers must master in many of daily products such as bread, cheeses, cold meats, condiments or even readymade meals.


At a time when consumers and Health Authorities are asking, or even demanding from manufacturers, strong commitments to reduce salt in their products (see in particular the objectives of the National Nutrition Health Plan of many countries in the world), it is essential to have access to the technologies that effectively achieve these high sodium reduction targets.

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