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Ksalt® M1 101/50

50% reduced in sodium

Specially formulated for sauces.

Ksalt® M1-101 brings the best of multi-ionic mineral substitution in this food matrix thanks to its minerals specially selected for their sensory and functional properties in the manufacture of sauces.


For the development of this product, Nutrionix studied in particular the impact of Ksalt on the pH and the solubility of its salts in the final treated product such as mayonnaise, ketchup, béarnaise and ready-to-use salad dressings. The salty flavor and palatability have also been optimized.


In sauces, salt indeed develops important sensory and technological properties:

  • It increases the ionic strength;

  • It improves emulsifying actions;

  • It controls and stabilizes the pH;

  • It gives all its flavor to the final product


It is by taking into account the sensory profile and all these technological functions that Nutrionix manages to reduce the sodium content while preserving the flavor, palatability, texture and quality of the sauces.



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