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Neochef: Services

Sodium reduction in the kitchen

For catering, Nutrionix has developed Neochef®, a complete range of products intended to control the sodium in cooking and in seasoning salt.

NEOCHEF 50 - seau visuel.jpg

Neochef® 50

Neochef® 50 to season food with an added salt reduced in sodium by 50%.


The ideal salt for tasty and healthy cooking.


The product is offered in professional packaging from 1 to 5 kg for restaurant and catering. It is also available in the form of refill, salt shakers and individual sachet to be placed on the dining table.

NEOCHEF Care visuel.jpg

Neochef® Care

Neochef® Care, an 80% reduced sodium salt. This product is intended for seasoning diet meals. It is recommended in hospital catering or for manufacturers of special dietary ready meals under medical guidance or professional nutricionists.


The sensory profile of Neochef® Care has been tailored to bring flavor and pleasure to diet menus. The recipes gain in palatibility and help stimulate the appetite of people under a strict low sodium diet.


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