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Ksalt® P1 101/50

50% reduced in sodium

Specially formulated for bread making and cookies

Ksalt® P1-101 brings the best of multi-ionic mineral substitution in this food matrix thanks to its minerals specially selected for their functional properties in bread-making processes.


In the bakery, salt plays an essential role in several of the manufacturing stages, at the level of kneading, fermentation and baking.


In these processes, the salt indeed develops important and complex technological properties:

  • strengthens the gluten network;

  • controls the speed of fermentation;

  • improves the formation of the crust and its coloring;

  • contributes to the texture and flavor characteristics of the bread.


It is by taking into account all its functions that Nutrionix manages to reduce the sodium content while preserving the flavor and quality of the cheeses.


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