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Ksalt® tailor-made for your product

Developments of customized Ksalt formulations for special sodium reduction projects.

To meet specific technical requirements or non-standard product profiles, Nutrionix develops custom Kalt formulations.


Our 'tailor-made' salt substitution process for the food industries:


  1. Signing of a bilateral confidentiality agreement (NDA)

  2. Analysis of customer objectives

    • Sodium issue of the company

    • Selection of products to be treated

    • Competitive environment

    • History of sodium reduction tests

    • Internal resources

  3. Contract Proposal Board

    • Technical recommendations and project formatting

    • Regulatory recommendation

    • Marketing recommendation

    • Impact and sodium footprint

  4. Collection of information necessary for the analysis of the sodium impact

    • Recipe and industrial process

    • Product data sheet

    • Total sodium content (analysis or calculation)

  5. Development and 'tailor-made' formulation of the salt substitution solution


In total, Nutrionix expertise allows to:

  • reduce the sodium content to the agreed level

  • preserve the taste and properties of the food

  • optimize its nutritional composition


With :

  • customized solutions up to -80% sodium

  • 1: 1 ion substitution

  • additional potential for sensory optimization

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