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Ksalt® E1 101/50

50% reduced in sodium

Specially formulated for cold meats and meat products

Ksalt® E1-101 brings the best of multi-ionic mineral substitution in this food matrix thanks to its high performance minerals, specially selected for their functional properties in the manufacturing process of cured meats and meat products.


Sodium reduction by substitution of salt in meats is particularly complex and demanding, in terms of flavor and technological functions.


Meats require particularly effective ingredients for sodium reduction. This category of product generally contains sodium based additives whose sodium content must be taken into account and therefore requires an even higher sodium reduction for the salt added.


Salt also has important technological properties in the development of these products:


  • solubilization of miofibrilaire proteins;

  • modification of the ionic equilibrium;

  • reduced water activity;

  • flavor of the final product.


These functions mainly guarantee:

  • the cohesion and texture of the final product;

  • Reduction in weight loss during cooking;

  • The salty flavor.


It is based on its know-how, its multiple tests with its industrial customers in the meat business and taking into account all these functions that Nutrionix manages to reduce the sodium content while preserving the flavor and quality of cold meats and meat products (sausages, cured meats etc).


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