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Salt & flavor

Salt structures and enriches the flavor of food.

It makes food palatable

and enhance the pleasure of eating. 

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The sensory properties of salt

It strengthens

Salt acts as a flavor enhancer and amplifies the flavors of food.


it therefore considerably improves the taste and sensory profile of food.

It balanced

Salt also acts to balance the flavors, in particular it masks the bitter taste and increases the perception of the sweet taste.

This specific action of salt makes food more pleasant and increases the pleasure of eating.

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Ion Na +

Stimulates taste

Salt is a mineral made

of two ions. Na + (sodium) ion

and the Cl- (Chlorine) ion.


It is ion Na + which stimulates the taste

by its direct action on contact with 

taste buds. So he reveals and

enhances the flavors.

Ion Cl-
The salty flavor

The other salt ion, Cl- brings

salty flavor.


The salty taste reinforces

flavors. This salty note

is also physiologically

source of pleasure and 

it stimulates apetite..

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Nutrionix multi-ion salt replacement technology

Nutrionix mineral salts develop, like salt, ionic forces and interactions which give them sensory properties.


Nutrionix knowledge and mastery of mineral ionic mixtures, their sensory and functional behaviors and synergies, make it possible to formulate salty, balanced, low-sodium salts.

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The salty taste

Nutrionix salts reduced in sodium, also develop an intense salty note by its Cl- ions and other similar

The flavors


Many of the Nutrionix minerals also have masking properties.

They mask the bitter and metallic aftertaste. They therefore balance and improve the sensory profile.

The health plus point

With sodium reduction up to 80%
and their high mineral content,
Nutrionix salts are
both tasty, healthy.

A tool for 
nutritional health and wellness.

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