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Minéraux & nutrition: Accueil et infos

Minerals & nutrition




Minerals are a category of micro-nutrients originated from rocks and found in food in their natural form. They are found in the ionic form of cations or anions, in many foods of vegetal origin as well as in the seas, the 

mineral water or in spring water.

Active subtances


Minerals are essential for humans. Magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, sodium, selenium, all these minerals are found in the diet and their contributions are essential to the body. Each mineral has specific regulatory roles in the body: cardiac activity, maintenance of the hair or skin or even regulator of blood circulation.


Source and complements


Minerals are naturally present in food. Calcium is found in dairy products, cruciferous vegetables, almonds and certain waters. Zinc is found in oysters and veal liver. As for potassium, it is present in bananas, parsley, dark chocolate, spinach or lentils.


These natural sources are generally insufficient in modern and urban diets. It is healthy to control and improve our mineral intake with mineralized and dosed supplements.

Nutrionix reduced sodium salts


Nutrionix low sodium salts are balanced mineral compositions. they include essential minerals, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium.


Beyond their main salting function, Nutrionix salts therefore also contribute to the enrichment and mineral rebalancing of our diet.

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Minéraux & nutrition: Accueil et infos
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